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August 28, 2014Could smoking marijuana be GOOD for your memory? Tiny amounts of a compound found in cannabis could help delay the progression of Alzheimer's disease, study finds
Florida researchers found the compound THC found in marijuana decreased the levels of amyloid beta - one of the factors that leads
August 28, 2014Summer Drought Has Georgia Farmers Feeling The Heat
August 28, 2014TiO2 price increases fail to lift feedstock values
Destocking by pigment producers yet to tip balance in favour of ilmenite and rutile
August 28, 2014PAMI Receives Funding for New Equipment
August 28, 2014Ybrain Raises $3.5M To Fund Trials Of Its Wearable For Alzheimer’s Patients
Ybrain, a Korean startup that makes wearables for Alzheimer’s patients, announced today that it has raised $3.
August 28, 2014THC may slow or halt progression of Alzheimer's disease
Extremely low levels of the compound in marijuana known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, may slow or halt the progression
August 28, 2014Biomass CO2 Emissions More Than Burning Coal
(Before It's News) oldbrew: Bubble bursts for Britain’s biomass burning boom Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:
August 28, 2014Trees feeling stress of the summer sun
August 28, 2014New Wheat Disease Notification Tool Offered To Producers This Season
August 28, 2014Fresno State Professor Makes Progress Against Alzheimer’s
Fresno State chemistry Professor Santanu Maitra is developing a new synthetic compound that has promise for the treatment of
August 28, 2014It's not too late for penguins
Global penguin populations have plummeted over the past 2 decades, but their future may not be completely hopeless.
August 28, 2014Pebble Smartwatches, Intel and Michael J Fox wage war against Parkinson's disease
Michael J.
August 27, 2014Lose weight to gain brain power? Study says it may work
(MCT) -- Weight-loss surgery can make you thinner.
August 27, 2014Logging Congress gets new name, promotions boost, and new show location
UNDATED (WXPR) -- A new name, new location, and a little state promotion money are the main components of the Great Lakes Logging and
August 27, 2014Study shows southwestern U.S. on verge of a 'megadrought'
August 27, 2014South Lewis board adopts goals for 2014-15
TURIN — The South Lewis Central School District board has adopted goals for the upcoming school year.
August 27, 2014Op-Ed: Why is obvious human-induced climate change ignored?
August 27, 2014Conservation at the Calgary Zoo
Kirtland’s Nursing Department participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Aug.
August 27, 2014Operation Nanook in Nunavut keeps emergency crews busy
August 27, 2014US protects 20 species of colorful coral in Atlantic and Pacific with 'threatened' label
August 27, 2014Kootenay National Park gets funding to reduce wildlife collisions on Highway 93 S
August 27, 2014Orphaned grizzly released back into the wild as part of B.C. pilot rehab project
August 27, 2014Human-caused global warming may be irreversible says UN report
August 27, 2014MPA: Managing The Environmental Impact of Shipping "A Priority" For Singapore
August 27, 2014Game of chicken inside Ukraine courts Cold War
August 27, 2014New study charts the global invasion of crop pests
August 27, 2014Climate Change Poses Growing Health Threat: UN
August 27, 2014Chile, US navies to carry on working on drop-in alternative fuels
Chilean Undersecretary of Defense Marcos Robledo and United States Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus last week agreed to continue,
August 27, 2014Watch David Lynch perform Ice Bucket Challenge with espresso
David Lynch completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in a very David Lynch way.
August 27, 2014Dementia ‘not normal part of ageing’ say scientists
(Before It's News) Dementia is not a normal part of growing old, scientists have insisted as they step up calls for more investment
August 27, 2014Ice Bucket Challenge redux in Champions Square postponed by Mayor Landrieu
Mayor Mitch Landrieu has pushed back his YouTube dare to Saints fans to douse themselves in ice water to raise awareness for Lou
August 27, 2014Prince George Bioenergy On Display In India
August 27, 2014Ripha takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Duration: 55 Author: Ripha Begum Promoting awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to
August 27, 2014Body fat is bad for the brain
Too much fat weighs down not just your body, but also your brain.
August 27, 2014Bring on the Ice Water!
It was only a matter of time until the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge made its way to the top of the AFSCME ranks.
August 27, 2014EXCLUSIVE: Archie Andrews Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has reached a new stage -- now that so many celebrities have taken part, the phenomenon has extended
August 27, 2014New wildlife crossings announced for Kananaskis National Park
August 27, 2014Trends in Therapeutic Partnering -3-
Figure 63: Wound healing partnering deals by headline value Figure 64: Wound healing partnering deals by upfront payment Figure 65:
August 27, 2014More wolf spiders feasting on American toads due to invasive grass, UGA study shows

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